Where to Even Start...

This blog talks about suicidality. Please do not read it if it is likely to cause you distress.

Dear Xxxx Xxxxxxx Health Board,

An update for the Baldy fanclub. He is beyond grateful for your support and kind wishes. xxx

MS - Mental Health - Family

If you are a member of a family that doesn’t look like a family on TV but your family works for you. Great job. Well done.

Home Schooling - Lock Down Style

For anyone who would like to commiserate about how being home for 14 weeks is working out. You're welcome. xx

What I Know About Racism

What do I know about racism? The short answer is, 'Bugger all'. Alternatively, make yourself comfy for the longer answer.

Adventures in Covid (?) Land

This experience is solely that of my family. I share/over share our experiences in case they are of use to others.

Ooooo get me! I'm on a podcast!

I had the loveliest natter with the wonderful Sam Geddes and she turned my ramblings into a fabulous podcast. Grab a cuppa, or a panad, and

Wiping a Bogie on Someone. Ewwww.

Wiping a bogie on someone is the best expression I have come across for the phenomenon of behaving so badly that we get ourselves dumped...

What is Trauma?

In very basic terms trauma is characterised by fear alongside loss of control. Or a frightening experience over which we have no control.