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When is a 'Specialist Disability Insurance Provider' not a Specialist Disability Insurance Provider?

Question: When is a specialist disability insurance provider not a specialist disability insurance provider?

Answer: When they outsource their claims processing to a third party organisation over which they have no control and accept zero accountability.

There is an absolute lack of accountability and an unwillingness of lack of capacity on Pish's part to take responsibility for errors made.

A representative of Pish has claimed that had the third party organisation been aware that they were working on behalf of a company advertising itself to be a specialist disability insurance provider the claim would have been processed more quickly than eight months.

This is not a competitive service where an expectation of an eight month turn around is considered acceptable to members of the non disabled community.

Whilst it is staggeringly generous to offer a 'goodwill gesture' of refunding me the two months premiums paid for this year's home insurance. I have been incorrectly sold a product that doesn't exist. Pish dishonestly markets itself as a 'disability specialist insurance provider' when it contracts out to a third party that evidentially would not recognise a disability specialist provision if it were punched in the face by one.

I have explained in several phone conversations, it is not the responsibility of the customer who has purchased a service to explain to a third party that the service they have purchased is a 'disability specialist' provision. It is Pish's job to ensure the third party they outsource to is aware of Pish's marketing claims. The buck stops firmly with Pish.

Because I have been sold a fictitious service, or at best a service unfit for purpose, I expect to be refunded for every home insurance premium I have paid since 23rd September 2017. Plus any interest I have paid on the product. Plus 8% would be an acceptable level of compensation.

Please clarify if your 'disability specialist' motor insurance is outsourced. If your 'disability specialist' motor insurance is outsourced I will require a full refund for the entirety of my motor insurance premium plus any interest I have paid plus 8%

The same question requires answering with regard to Independent Living Full Cover Insurance. If this 'disability specialist' service is outsourced a full refund of all premiums plus any interest paid plus 8% will be required. Please note that this policy is held in my husband's name Xxxxx Xxxxxx. You will notice we live at the same address and I am happy to send a copy of our marriage certificate. If you require a man who has degenerative neurological and chronic respiratory conditions to contact you in person please let me know.

Our experience with Pish is summarised in the following sentence. False advertising followed by irresponsible, incompetent and unsafe practice.

Conversations with people who I assume must be managers of some sort have been utterly ineffectual. There is only one line available, 'we outsource'. After a while it starts to sound a bit like 'computer says no'. The matter remains unresolved. The absolute lack of accountability and the inability to take responsibility for its own organisation has meant that Pish is unable to provide a service fit for purpose or anything resembling an apology.

I cannot overstate the inappropriateness of a man who has chronic and degenerative health conditions, including respiratory ill health living in a property with water entering it every time it rains for eight months!

Interestingly, the company sent by the third party organisation to carry out the assessment after our eight month wait submitted a quote for the work. This is extremely unusual. My expectation is that an assessor does precisely that, assess - not 'tout' for work.

For all the reasons above refunding two months premiums is entirely inappropriate.

I sincerely hope our position and expectation is clear. I am unwilling to waste any more of my life on circular telephone conversations where I get to learn that Pish 'outsources'.

Please confirm at your earliest convenience how you wish to move this forward. We are happy to resolve the issue through the ombudsman but appreciate this is potentially a lengthy process. Thanks to Pish we are well used to waiting ages.

The above correspondence was sent on the 10th November. I shall keep you informed of developments.

The moral of the story, dear reader, is when looking for specialist provision shop around, ask questions and always read the small print. Prior to moving over to Pish we were with Purchill. They were great. Oh, how I miss them. My head was turned by the promise of 'disability specialist provision'. It's a lesson learned.

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